The Top Transportation Options Near Fillmore Inn for Students

Corvallis, Oregon, is known to be one of the best college towns in the country. To be more specific, Corvallis is ranked number three among all college towns by the American Institute for Economic Research. The town ranks highly among college towns because of the number of people who work in innovative fields and city accessibility.


The Fillmore Inn in Corvallis is an affordable option for off-campus housing. It features studio apartments with a shared bathroom and kitchen, giving you privacy when needed and roommates when you feel like socializing a little more.


Aside from the budget-friendly newly-renovated units that come with utilities included, on-site laundry facilities, and professional management, the Fillmore Inn is also in an excellent location. Oregon State University is only a 12-minute walk away. There are also a number of transportation options nearby.


Top Transportation Options

First, Corvallis is well-known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country. As many as 81% of Corvallis residents say they are satisfied with cycling options in the city, higher than the national average. Most residents also shared that they had walked or cycled instead of driving. There are also several scenic bike paths around Corvallis to encourage residents to get on their bikes for fitness and recreation reasons. So, the best way to get around Corvallis is on your bike.

The next option is the Corvallis Transit Service which provides riders with fareless, reliable, and safe bus service. Yes, bus rides on this service are free! This service is part of the city’s initiative to provide residents with free transportation options and encourage them to take public transportation instead of their own cars. With nine routes that service Oregon State University seven days a week, you’re sure to find one near the Fillmore Inn. 

Of course, there’s always your legs! Corvallis is a highly walkable city and residents are encouraged to walk as much as possible. Downtown and university neighborhoods are very pedestrian-friendly and are easy to get around whether day or night. The Fillmore Inn is only a 12-minute walk away from Oregon State University and it’s easy to go back and forth via foot. There’s no need to worry about catching the next bus because walking is always an option for Corvalis residents.

Aside from our top three transportation options, there’s also taxis, city buses, car, and bicycle rentals (if you don’t have your own yet) easily available around the Fillmore Inn. Put simply, Corvallis is a town where it’s easy to get around. There’s no need to worry about commuting or transportation options when you live here. 

The Fillmore Inn is a great option for anyone looking for affordable and convenient off-campus housing with easy transportation options. Whether you decide to walk, take the transit service, or bike around, the Fillmore Inn is an excellent place build a home in Corvallis.

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